MAD Magazine #18

MAD Magazine #18 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
December 1st, 1954
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Table of Contents

Cover: Look Gang! Another Surprise! In This Issue...YOU Draw The Cover!

Artist, Writer: Harvey Kurtzman Colorist: Marie Severin

King of Clubs

Department: Panic; Mad

Alice In Wonderland!

Department: The Classics

Artist: Jack Davis Artist: John Tenniel Writer: Harvey Kurtzman Writer: Lewis Caroll Colorist: Marie Severin

319 All-Different Stamps

Department: Zenith Company

Howdy Dooit!

Department: T.V.

Artist: Bill Elder Writer: Harvey Kurtzman

Reversible Auto Seat Covers

Department: Terrace Sales

Factory-To-You Coupon Offer Saves $4.00

Department: Penmaster Co.

How Our Opinions Sound

Department: [Report From Abroad]

E. C. Went To Sea In Search Of Another New Trend...

Department: Piracy

Colorist: Marie Severin

Pot-Shot Pete...

Department: Collectors' Item ; Pot-Shot Pete

Artist, Writer: Harvey Kurtzman Colorist: Marie Severin

[No Title]

Department: MAD Mumblings

Artist: Harvey Kurtzman

Stalag 18!

Department: Movie

Writer: Harvey Kurtzman Colorist: Marie Severin Artist: Wally Wood

Car Burning Oil?

Department: Power Seal

I Will Train You at Home for Good Pay Jobs in Radio-Television

Department: National Radio Institute

The Insult That Turned a "Chump" Into a Champ

Department: Charles Atlas