Basil Wolverton

Basil Wolverton
July 19th, 1909
December 31st, 1978
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Contributions by Basil Wolverton

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
MAD Magazine #17November 1954
MAD Magazine #29September 1956
  • Dining Etiquette Quiz (Writer, Artist)
    Department: Raised Pinky
MAD Magazine #31February 1957
  • What They're Saying Around The Solar System (Artist)
    Department: Ear To The Ether
MAD Magazine #36December 1957
  • MAD Hats (Artist)
    Department: Mad Hatter
  • Inside Story (Artist)
    Department: Belly Laughs
MAD Magazine #82October 1963
  • Wheelers and Dealers (Writer, Artist with Al Feldstein)
    Department: Auto-Suggestion
MAD Magazine #137September 1970
  • Sports Cars We'd Like To See (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Topical Gags
  • Artist
  • Another Satisfied Mad Reader! (Artist)
    Department: Advertisement for Subscriptions
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MAD Super Special • USA • New York
Miscellaneous MAD Books • USA • New York
Secondary Literature • USA
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MAD Magazine • Brasil • Record
MAD Magazine • Brasil • Mythos
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