MAD Magazine #31

1st Edition - New York
February 1st, 1957
Ernie Kovacs explains poetry, Al “Jazzbo” Collins explains jazz, and Orson Bean explains Orson Bean
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25 cent


Table of Contents

Cover: Mt. Rushmore

Artist, Colorist: Norman Mingo

The MAD Window Test

Department: Mad Magazine

Artist: Jack Davis Artist: Bill Elder


Department: Vital Features

Artist: The Usual Gang of Idiots

The New Marilyn Marone

Department: Increase The Circulation

Artist: Wally Wood

If You Like To Collect Records

Department: Leslie Creations

Are You MAD?

Department: Critics Panel

Now In Full Color!

Department: Alfred E. Neuman

Artist: Norman Mingo

Random Samplings of Reader Mail

Department: Letters

Artist: The Usual Gang of Idiots

Field & Scream

Department: Call of The Wild Magazines

Artist: Jack Davis

Scenes We'd Like To See: One Against Four

Department: Hollywood

Artist: Phil Interlandi


Department: Newspapers

Writer: G. Stang

Why I Write Poetry

Department: Ernie Kovacs

Artist: Jack Davis Writer: Ernie Kovacs

MAD Greeting Cards

Department: Pick-A-Card

Artist: Bob Clarke

What They're Saying Around The Solar System

Department: Ear To The Ether

Artist: Basil Wolverton

What's All This Jazz About Jazz

Department: Al "Jazzbo" Collins

Artist: Wally Wood Writer: Al "Jazzbo" Collins

Future TV Ads

Department: Soft-Sell Advertising

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

MAD's Ink Blot Test

Department: Psychology

Artist: Bill Elder Artist: Frank Kelly Freas

Don Giovanni

Department: Culture

Writer: Nick Meglin Artist: Wally Wood

Future TV Ads

Department: Soft-Sell Advertising

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

Why the Precision Engineered, Highly Perfected 35mm Camera Replaced The Simple, Unpretentious, Primitive Box Camera

Department: Negative Thinking

Artist: Bob Clarke Writer: Arnie Rosen

Orson Bean Opens His Family Album

Department: Orson Bean

Artist: Jack Davis Writer: Orson Bean

A New Kind of Bargain Offer To Mystery Readers

Department: The Dollar Mystery Guild

Purloined Proverbs Ascribed to Popular People

Department: Misdirected Quotes

Writer: The Usual Gang of Idiots

MAD Travel Stickers

Artist: Bob Clarke