The Comics Journal #153

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The Comics Journal #153 • USA

Series: The Comics Journal

Company: Fantagraphics Books

Publishing Date: October 1992

Cover: Harvey Kurtzman

Cover Artist: Jack Davis

Original price: $ 4.95

Pages: 132

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-- Harvey Kurtzman's own Special Section:

- Harvey Kurtzman 1965: Kurtzman reveals his philosophy of satire in this rare interview from "Rogue"

- Harvey Kurtzman Today: Longtime Kurtzman collaborator Byron Preiss discusses his work with Kurtzman and the upcoming (New) Two-Fisted Tales

- Comics sans Frontieres: For some reson, European comics get more respect than their American cousins. Kurtzman explains why

- Tributes: Gaines, Gilliam, Stout, Green, Martin and DeFuccio pay homage to the master

- Lepin' Lizards! Playboy's Comic Strip Tease: A "French coldly intellectual sexless view" to Little Annie Fanny by Jacques Dutrey

- More Trilling than Fiction: Kurtzman, Kirby and History: Joseph Witek examines two very different artists' versions of the Civil War

- Timeline: 35 years and counting- Harvey Kurtzman's career in cartooning

- Rubble! One of Kurtzman's finest solo stories from Frontline Combat

-- Interview

- MAD Times with Jack Davis: From Two-Fisted Tales to MAD to Humbug to Time to T.V. Guide - Jack Davis discusses his career as an illustrator and cartoonist


Jack Davis ... Cover Artist
Gary Groth ... Editor


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