Mark A. Dressler

Mark A. Dressler

Country: USA

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Contributions by Mark A. Dressler

Department: Serial Ingredient Dept.
Story: Some Simple Laws that Make Sense Out of Soap Operas
Writer with Angelo Torres

MAD Magazine #249 September 1984

Department: Point of You Dept.
Story: What's Cute...and What's Not
Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.
Department: Utilize-Capades Department
Story: Mad's Dual Purpose Clothing Accessories
Writer with Al Jaffee
Department: Zaps All, Folks!
Story: MAD's Ultimate T.V. Remote Control
Writer with George Woodbridge

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Department: Seção Futilidade Pública
Story: Acessórios MAD de Dupla Utilidade
Writer with Al Jaffee

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