Albert Meglin

Albert Meglin

Country: USA

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Albert Meglin

MAD Magazine #35 October 1957

Department: Once Upon A Time Dept.
Story: Sin-Doll Ella
Writer with Wally Wood

MAD Magazine #41 September 1958

Department: 3:10 To Yuma Dept.
Story: Go West, Old Format
Writer with George Woodbridge
Department: 3:10 To Westport Dept.
Story: Go East, Old Western
Writer with George Woodbridge

MAD Magazine #42 November 1958

Department: The Phase On The Cutting Room Floor Dept.
Story: Scenes We Never Got To See
Writer with Wally Wood

MAD Magazine #43 December 1958

Department: Television Dept.
Story: Payhouse 90

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MAD Especial #13 September 2011

Department: Seção Essa não Colou
Story: Papéis de Parede da MAD
Writer with Bob Clarke

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