MAD Magazine #44

MAD Magazine #44 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
January 1st, 1959
Special Issue: Alfred E. Neuman gets a gift from... MAD
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25 cent


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Table of Contents

Cover: Alfred E. Neuman Gets A Gift From...

Artist, Colorist: Frank Kelly Freas

Clear Heads Agree Culvert D.T.'s Are Better

Department: Culvert Reserve

Artist: Frank Kelly Freas


Department: Vital Features

Artist: The Usual Gang of Idiots

Catch Up On What You've Missed

Department: MAD For Keeps

Getting Sick of TV?

Department: The Brothers MAD

Random Samplings of Reader Mail

Department: Letters

Artist: Larry Maleman

It's Yours Free!

Department: Alfred E. Neuman

Artist: Norman Mingo

A Christmas Gift Suggestion

Department: MAD Magazine

Artist: Wally Wood

The Coming Attractions...Don't Always Show Exactly What's Coming!

Department: Sneaky Prevues

Writer: Frank Jacobs Artist: Wally Wood

International Advertising

Department: Globaloney

Writer: Frank Jacobs Artist: Bob Clarke

The National Safety Council's Holiday-Weekend Telethon

Department: Crash Program

Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Bill Levine Writer: Dee Caruso

Junior Additions

Department: Crib Sheet

Artist: Wally Wood Writer: Tom Koch

Memories of Summer

Department: Don Martin

Artist, Writer: Don Martin


Department: Dribble Drivel

Artist: George Woodbridge

Alfred E. Neuman's Family Tree

Department: The Root of All Evil

Artist: Wally Wood Writer: Tom Koch

"Walk - Don't Walk" Signals

Department: Signals Crossed

Artist, Writer: Dave Berg

Custom-Made Christmas Cards

Department: X-Missles

Writer: Frank Jacobs Artist: Bob Clarke

How To Read Graphs

Department: Grid And Bear It

Artist: Al Feldstein Artist: Joe Orlando Writer: Frank Jacobs

Scenes We'd Like To See: The Monster And The Villagers

Department: Hollywood

Artist: Joe Orlando Writer: E. Nelson Bridwell

The Search For Sleep

Department: Mind Over Mattress

Artist: George Woodbridge

Next Year's Extra-Long Book Titles

Department: Gone To Great Lengths

Artist: Bob Clarke Writer: C. Memling

Electrical Report

Department: Bob & Ray

Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Bob Elliott Writer: Ray Goulding

Veeble People

Department: Working Press

Artist: Joe Orlando Writer: Tom Koch

A Very Merry Christmas...And A Happy New Year!

Department: Season's Greetings

Artist, Writer: Don Martin

You'll Be "Chairman of The Board" In Your MAD T-Shirt

Department: MAD T-Shirts

Artist: Larry Maleman

Some Items "For Sale - Cheap"

Department: Marginal Thinking

[No Title]

Department: Alfred E. Neuman

Artist, Colorist: Frank Kelly Freas