William Garvin

William Garvin

Country: USA

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Contributions by William Garvin

MAD Magazine #92 January 1965

Department: Avon Calling Dept.
Story: Shakespeare Up to Date
Writer with Jack Rickard
Department: Rhyme With A View Dept.
Story: A Portfolio of Shapely Mad Verse

MAD Magazine #114 October 1967

Department: Tee-Ology Dept.
Story: A Psalm For a Sabbath Morning
Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.

MAD Magazine #115 December 1967

Department: Phrasing a Coin Dept.
Story: Mad Mintlies
Writer with Bob Clarke
Department: Data Knows Best Dept.
Story: Future Instant Predictions
Writer with Jack Rickard

MAD Magazine #139 December 1970

Department: Death by Elocution Dept.
Story: Mad's Guaranteed Effective All-Occasion Non-Slanderous Political Smear Speech
Writer with George Woodbridge
Department: A Future Political Campaign Poster
Story: The Spiro Of '76
Writer with Norman Mingo

MAD Magazine #204 January 1979

Story: If Libraries Sold Advertising Space
Writer with Bob Clarke
Department: Adjusting The Volumes
Story: MAD's Updated Book Titles For The 90's
Writer with Bob Clarke

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Department: Seção Literária
Story: Se os Livros Vendessem Espaço para Publicidade
Idea with Carlos Chagas, Cláudio Cunha de Almeida

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