Sol Weinstein

Sol Weinstein

Country: USA

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Contributions by Sol Weinstein

Department: Department of the Inferior Dept.
Story: Substandard Brands, Inc.
Writer with Bob Clarke, Ronald Axe

MAD Magazine #97 September 1965

Department: Double-Talk Dept.
Story: What They Say and What It Really Means
Writer with Paul Coker, Jr., Ronald Axe
Department: Squads Right Dept.
Story: Mad Interviews a "John Birch Society" Policeman
Writer with Joe Orlando, Ronald Axe

MAD Magazine #99 December 1965

Department: Paid Politico Advertisements Dept.
Story: When Politicians Do Television Commercials
Writer with Ronald Axe, Jack Rickard
Department: The Play By Play's The Thing Dept.
Story: Football "In Depth"
Writer with Ronald Axe, George Woodbridge

MAD Magazine #100 January 1966

Department: Tour De Farce Dept.
Story: Shirley Finster's New York
Writer with Ronald Axe, George Woodbridge

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