Paul Laikin

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Contributions by Paul Laikin

MAD Magazine • USA • New York
  • The Bad Seat Is The Big Shocker!! (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Movies
  • AsP Super-Duper Markets (Writer)
    Department: Shopping
  • TV Guise (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Go Ax The Ol' Cable
MAD Magazine #35October 1957
  • MAD's College Entrance Exam (Writer)
    Department: Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper
  • Future Specialized Magazines (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Back of The Rack
MAD Magazine #36December 1957
  • Raw Guts (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: U. S. Male
MAD Magazine #37January 1958
  • Shakespeare Up-To-Date (Writer with John Putnam)
    Department: The Bard of Birdland
  • MAD Invitations (Writer)
    Department: R.S.V.P.
  • How Neurotic Are You? (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: Sick, Sick, Sick
MAD Magazine #42November 1958
  • MAD Mood Music (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Let's Look At The Record
  • Credits For The Common Man (Writer with Wally Wood)
    Department: Honorable Mention
  • Combined Television Shows (Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: Double Jeopardy
  • Jack And Jill As Retold By Various Magazines (Writer with Joe Orlando)
    Department: Once More With Feeling
  • Little Known Organizations (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Pressured Groups
MAD Magazine #49September 1959
  • Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: Special Delivery
  • MAD's Specialized Resorts Section (Writer with Bob Clarke)
    Department: Two Weeks With Prey
MAD Magazine #50October 1959
  • Blue Confessions (Writer with Wally Wood)
    Department: Bleating Hearts
MAD Magazine #51December 1959
  • MAD Looks At Adult Education (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: Blackboard Bungle
MAD Magazine #52January 1960
  • Ronald Reagan's Gettysburg Address (Writer with Jack Rickard)
    Department: Ronald Reagan
  • Places to Hide the M-X Missle Where They Will Never be Found (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: Bombs Away
MAD Magazine #242October 1983
  • A Short History Showing How Different Publications Slant The News (Writer with George Woodbridge)
    Department: Political Satire
MAD Magazine #250October 1984
  • Mad's X-Rated Celebrity Trivia Quiz (Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: A Star Is Porn
MAD Magazine #275December 1987
  • Ollie North Coloring Book (Artist, Writer with Mort Drucker)
    Department: Better Shread Than Red
MAD Magazine #291December 1989
  • How Newspapers Write Misleading Headlines (Writer)
    Department: Schlock The Presses
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Miscellaneous Non-MAD Publications