Ward Sutton

Ward Sutton
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Contributions by Ward Sutton

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
MAD Magazine #471November 2006
  • Liberals and Conservatives agree ...and disagree (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
MAD Magazine #484December 2007
MAD Magazine #486February 2008
MAD Magazine #498February 2009
  • Lame attempts by TV to explain the 2008 presidential vote (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
  • Questions tp ask your local PBS station during pledge week (Artist with Barry Liebmann)
MAD Magazine #501October 2009
  • Sutton for Punishment (Artist, Writer)
  • The 38 Worst Things About Late Night TV! (Artist with Hermann Mejia)
MAD Magazine #506December 2010
  • Why Levi Johnston is Supremely Qualified to be the Next Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (Artist)
MAD Magazine #507February 2011
  • 14. Glenn Beck's Unity Rally (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
  • Similarities & Differences Between the Spider-Man Musical and the War in Afghanistan (Artist)
MAD Magazine #511October 2011
  • Sutton for Punishment - Star Wars films reduction (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #512December 2011
  • The Faster Five - Things We Can Look Forward to If Michele Bachmann Becomes President (Artist with Jacob Lambert)
MAD Magazine #513February 2012
MAD Magazine #548December 2017
  • "Mitch McConnell had a Bill" (Artist)
MAD Magazine #549February 2018
  • 19 NFL Blackballs Kaepernick Personnel Foul (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
  • What's on Sean Hannity's Desk? (Artist with Mike Morse)
USA • DC MAD Cover Variation
  • Cover Artist
USA • DC MAD Variant Covers 2014
Brasil • MAD Magazine (Panini)
MAD Magazine #42October 2011
  • Educando os Filhos (Artist, Writer)
  • Títulos que Monica Lewinski Não Pode Usar no Seu Próximo Livro (Artist with Desmond Devlin)
MAD Magazine #61August 2013
  • Expressões Abolidas da Língua Portuguesa em 2013 (Artist with Matt Lassen)
  • Recursos de que a Microsoft Pode lançar Mão para Se Manter no Mercado (Artist with Dick DeBartolo)
  • As Piores Coisas osbre o Capitalismo (Artist with Jeff Kruse)
MAD Magazine #74October 2014
  • As Verdadeiras Razões de Vladimir Putin Odiar os EUA (Artist with Matt Lassen)
MAD Magazine #75November 2014
  • As Verdadeiras Razões de Vladimir Putin Odiar os EUA (Artist with Matt Lassen)
  • Linha do Tempo de um Boato na Internet (Artist with Mike Morse)
Germany • MAD Magazine (Dino/Panini)