David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

Country: USA

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by David Rodriguez

MAD Magazine #446 October 2004

Department: The not ready for crime time players
Story: Without a trace of interest (Without a Trace Parody)
Tonal Rendering with Arnie Kogen, Angelo Torres

MAD Magazine #448 December 2004

Department: World wide web-slinger
Story: When Spiderman goes completely international
Colorist with Timothy Shamey, Tom Raney, Javier Rodriguez, Alvaro Lopez, Tom Fowler, Alé Garza, Gina Going, David Shayne, Marcos Martín, Kagan Mcleod, Kirbycolors

MAD Magazine #497 January 2009

Department: Serge-In General
Story: A MAD Look at hard times
Colorist with Wildstorm, Sergio Aragonés

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