Jay Lynch

Jay Lynch

Country: USA

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Contributions by Jay Lynch

MAD Magazine #145 January 1999

Department: Seção Pirou-lito
Story: Um Belo Dia na Loja de Doces
Writer with Monte Wolverton
Department: Seção Argh-ológica Part 2
Story: Uma Manhã de Sol na Ilha de Páscoa
Writer with Timothy Shamey

MAD Magazine #158 August 2000

Department: Seção Degeneração Woodstock
Story: Produtos para os Seus Velhos Pais Hippies
Writer with Leslie Sternbergh

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MAD Magazine #73 September 2014

Department: Salada Mista
Story: Fora com o Lynch
Writer, Artist

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MAD Especial #3 November 2002

Story: O Paspalho e o Pirulito Elétrico
Writer with Monte Wolverton

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