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Tony Cipriano


Country: USA

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Contributions by Tony Cipriano

MAD Magazine #385 September 1999

Department: Catalog
Story: Warner Bros. Studio Stores Unofficial Catalog
with Irving Schild, Scott Maiko, Scott Bricher, Kevin Greene, Gary Hallgreen

MAD Magazine #458 October 2005

Department: Soldiers of Misfortune
Story: Little green army men of today's army
with Darren Johnson, Irving Schild

MAD Magazine #461 January 2006

Department: The MAD 20 - The dumbest people, events and things of 2005!
Story: 5. Karl Rove: A man for all treasons
with Irving Schild

MAD Magazine #471 November 2006

Department: Politics make strange board fellows
Story: Red State Monopoly... ...Blue State Monopoly
with Elizabeth White, Steve Smallwood

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MAD Magazine #16 November 2005

Department: Departamento del Soldado de Chocolate
Story: Los Nuevos Soldaditos Verdes del Ejército Atual
with Irving Schild, Darren Johnson

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