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Greg Benson

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MAD Magazine #496 December 2008

Department: Random Acts of Mindless
Story: The Fundalini Pages: "Sign your Dad loves football more than your family", "When the going gets duff", "Control-Alt-Delete scenes from the Seinfeld Mircrosoft ads", "Least E-Mailed Articles", "Before and after Grocery Products", "The fast 5 wacky american laws", "Sutton for punishment", Solution to last month's Mini-Mystery", "Melvin & Jenkins' guide to Holiday Shopping", "Celebrity Cause-of-Death
Author with Desmond Devlin, Charles Akins, Jeff Kruse, Dick DeBartolo, Tom Richmond, Rick Tulka, Ward Sutton, Jacob Lambert, Kevin Pope, Darren Johnson, J.C. Duffy

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