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Johnny Sampson

Country: USA

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Contributions by Johnny Sampson

MAD Magazine #548 December 2017

Department: The Strip Club
Story: Downward Spiral
Writer, Colorist, Artist

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MAD Magazine #1 April 2018

Department: Short & Briefs
Story: New Frontiers of Gentrification
Artist with Megan Koester
Department: Short & Briefs
Story: 'Aw Man! Tide Pods Again!'
Artist, Writer

MAD Magazine #8 August 2019

Department: Shorts & Briefs
Story: Mid-Haircut Comments You Don't Want to Hear
Artist with Evan Waite

MAD Magazine #9 October 2019

Department: Trolled Faithful
Story: Snappy Answers Internet Comments to Stupid Honest Questions
Artist with Matthew A. Cohen
Department: Two Turds, One Groan
Story: The Inseparable, Insufferable Couple
Artist, Writer

MAD Magazine #10 December 2019

Story: Announcements You Don't Want to Hear on the Subway
Artist with John Reynolds, Evan Waite

MAD Magazine #11 February 2020

Story: 17. What "Sparked Joy" for millions of people this year?

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