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Evan Waite

Country: USA

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MAD Magazine #8 August 2019

Department: Shorts & Briefs
Story: Mid-Haircut Comments You Don't Want to Hear
Writer with Johnny Sampson

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Department: Salada Mista
Story: Maneiras de Tornar a Sua Geral Mais Agradável
Writer with Kevin Pope

MAD Magazine #72 August 2014

Department: Salada Mista
Story: Alternativas para o Google Glass
Writer with John Martz

MAD Magazine #78 January 2015

Department: Salada Mista
Story: Efeitos das Drogas com Efeitos Colaterais
Writer with Paul Coker, Jr.

MAD Magazine #79 February 2015

Department: Seção Zuckerbreca
Story: Fatos sobre o Facebook
Writer with Frank Santopadre, John Martz
Department: Seção Intwittição
Story: Quando o Limite de Caracteres do Twitter Impede as Pessoas de Falarem Demais

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