College Laughs 1957 #3

College Laughs 1957 #3 • USA
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May 1957
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College Laughs No. 3, May, 1957
One big problem with documenting these cartoon mags is that the artists used a *lot* of pseudonyms. Many of the obviously fake names are based on the subject matter, but some are just obvious fakes.
There is one artist (at least I think it's the same artist) in this issue who goes by: Tab Rabinowits, Mickey Mantlepiece, Hop-A-Long Kieman, Rudy Valentino, Mr. Chips, Porfirio Alvarez and Punjab O'Toole. This artist may or may not be "Markey", who does a few cartoons and athletic profiles.
Artists I recognize include: Riley, Don Orehek, Bill Wenzel, Joe Kiernan, Pete Wyma and Jim Ruth.
Not including the names mentioned above, names I don't recognize include: Dwight Schwartz, Zima, Al Onestone, Bill Shirley, Rudolph Hess (or Hees), Cornell C. Yale III, H, Don Doug, Collins, Kathleen Chieffo, Jack Stone, Rayon, Bill Yale, Horatius Bridge, deMarko, Mel Millar, Bob Flerp, Joe Ellenbogen, Prince Harvard, Mac Saveny, and Wolsk.