Buffoon • USA
1964 - 1965
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Buffoon was a satire/humor magazine in the MAD vein published by the Associated Student Publications at Whittier College in California Oddly, there were two separate "volume 1 #1" releases with different content, both in 1964. 
"Buffoon is defined by Webster as 'A man who makes a business of amusing others by tricks, ludicrous gestures, etc, a clown, fool, zany, jester.' He entertains wtih his humorous wit or antics. This, too, can be summed up as our purpose to entertain in a humorous manner. 
BUFFOON is a college humor magazine for the college student and by the college student, and is limited to no one individual institution.
BUFFOONS creation evolved from a need. Since humor is universal, it should be shared. BUFFOON, we hope, will serve as the answer to the college students desire for an outlet for the quality humor which he is capable of producing. In this first issue, we admit, variety is somewhat lacking, for we were limited in the number of contributors aware of BUFFOONS existence. We are hoping that an awareness of BUFFOON will stimulate a substantial number of students to contribute for a greater variety in the future. Anonymity will also be immediately evident. This, however, will not be a future policy, since we are great believers in credit where credit is due. In this first issue, we were quite fortunate to receive a collection of original illustrations for the famous Edgar Allan Poe story, 'The Tell Tale Heart,' and other original sketches by the talented young artist, John Landis. Besides Mr. Landis’ contributions, we have included an illustrated story, 'Another Long-awaited Visit with Fred and Fred’s Room-mate', by Wilson Turner of Cerritos Junior College. Our Forward comes from Dr. Gilbert D. McEwen, Associate Professor of English, Whittier College.
We invite you now to enter the realm of BUFFOON and the world of college humor and satire. (And don’t smudge the ink, someone may want to read it after you.)"
BUFFOON—Volume l, No. 1, was published quarterly by Associated Student Publications. main office at 1442 Hidden Canyon Rd., Whittier, California.
[Text taken from BUFFOON—Volume l, No. 1, page 1]

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