Stupid #2

Stupid #2 • Germany
Heisse Sprüche, Irre Satire und Freche Gags!
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On the cover with Miss Piggy is our old friend Franz Josef Strauss, who made his last hurrah in national German politics in 1980, but was still a national figure until his death in 1988.
  • "Hot Sayings, Crazy Satire and Naughty Gags"
  • "Nothing for the Color-blind! Every page really colorful!"
  • "Extra: With Four Stupid Gag Postcards"
  • "Now Regularly Every Four Weeks New"
  • "Top! Stupid now let the boar out! ... and Make Miss Piggy Shine in "The Dull Crystal"!"
  • "Gag-satire: Relationships That No One Understands"
  • "Celebrity Close-Up - Ronald Reagan's Private Photo Album"
  • "Naked Madness - New Video Games"
  • "Unemployed? - Retraining with Whistle"
  • "The Big Corny Joke - The Greens and Their Program and Much More"
Die Grünen (The Greens) was a political party in West Germany. After a series of mergers, they are currently known as Alliance 90/The Greens.