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Snafu Magazine • USA
November 1955 - March 1956
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This category features Snafu magazine! One of the very earliest Mad competitors, arriving shortly on the stands after Mad became a magazine in 1955 (and second only to From Here to Insanity which beat it by one month), this is a gem of a humor magazine. Entirely written by Stan Lee, it was published by Atlas. Stan's writing is breezy and funny. It's a fun, fun read full of the types of features you would expect from a humor magazine; movie satires, ad parodies, features with surprise punchlines, comic parodies of daily life, popular culture, etc.
Stan Lee absolutely loved writing Snafu and treasured his work on it his entire life. How about the artwork you say? Well, how's this for artists! Snafu features beautiful, gorgeous illustrations by Joe Maneely, Howie Post, John Severin, Bill Everett, Russ Heath and Al Jaffee.
Trust me when I say that the artwork is some of the best I've ever seen by these talents (particularly Joe Maneely whose artwork in Snafu knocked me out). They really seemed to give their all in Snafu. Since Stan Lee's writing in Snafu isn't text-heavy either, this is a much breezier read than many of the other '50's humor magazines. It's also one of the funniest.
Snafu introduced mascot Irving Forbush to the world, looking quite different than he did later in Not Brand Ecch.
[written by Tom Smith]

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