Kaputte - Klimbim #2

Kaputte - Klimbim #2 • Germany
Gag-Comics, blöde Witze und irre Sachen
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Kaputt-Klimbim Nr. 2, circa 1978

Let's try to go through all the stuff on that paper that Otto Waalkes is bursting through.

"Kohl beats F.J. Strauss for the Nobel Peace Prize"

Helmut Kohl and Franz Josef Strauss were political rivals.

"Otto Renounces..."

"We Are Looking for the Amateur Filmmaker of the Year!
No Pornos!!!"

"Games Without Borders
Success No 1 in the DDR!!!
Biermann writes Honneger-Ode on behalf of Hüpferverlag"

The DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) or GDR (German Democratic Republic) is, of course, the former East Germany.

I think it is also referring to Wolf Biermann (an East German singer/songwriter and dissident) and Arthur Honneger (a Swiss composer).

Not sure about "Hüpferverlag"

"Klimbim Introduces:
Otto Like Never Before!!!
Cut with Brushes!
Agent of MAD?
Of the CIA, the Stasi?"

"MAD" is not, I believe a reference to the magazine (although there may have been an intentional double meaning). MAD is the Militärischer Abschirmdienst, a German intelligence agency.

The Stasi was the East German secret police.

"Will King Kong become the new Federal Minister for Defence?"

"Klimbim in Space"