Andrew Goldfarb

Andrew Goldfarb
October 9th, 1968
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Andrew “The Slow Poisoner” Goldfarb (born October 9, 1968) is a self-taught artist from San Francisco who started in underground comix with his character “Ogner Stump.” For decades he traveled the country performing music as a one-man-band called “The Slow Poisoner,” which led to his including the nickname when he was published in MAD for the first time in 2019 with his series “Hot Horror Planet,” a morbidly humorous take on climate change. He is also the publisher of the ongoing, original indie humor magazine FREAKY which includes work from other members of the late-period UGOI, as well as a painter of black velvet monsterpieces.

Contributions by Andrew Goldfarb

MAD Magazine • USA • California
MAD Magazine #8August 2019
  • Hot Horror Planet (Writer, Artist)
    Department: Sole Survivor
MAD Magazine #9October 2019
  • Hot Horror Planet (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Bake and Shake
MAD Magazine #10December 2019
  • Hot Horror Planet -- Weird Beard - "Does His Part for the Earth" (Artist, Writer)
    Department: Hairy Fairy
Miscellaneous Non-MAD Publications