TamTam #11

MAD Competitors from Germany

TamTam #11 • Germany

Series: TamTam

Company: Nelson Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Publishing Date: 1976

Cover: Mad Parodie: Alles über Alfred

Cover Artist: Barbara Hufnagel

Original price: DM 3,-

Pages: 48

Inserts: none

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- This issue has a spoof of a typical German MAD Magazine, including 4 pages styled like MAD Magazine: The Cover, a Don Martin parody, a Jack Davis parody and "You Know You've Really Outground MAD When..." in style of Jack Rickard

- The MAD Parody were published first in the Magazine "National Lampoon", October 1971, Vol.1, No.19. The spoof was written by John Boni, Sean Kelly and Kelly Beard; Illustrations by Joe Orlando, Ralph Reese, John Romita, John Lewis, Ernie Colon, Al Weiss, Babi Jery and Stuart Schwartzberg. Cover: A worried-looking Alfred E. Neuman with the caption "What, Me Funny?"; "Citizen Gaines" a movie parody and more. See also: http://www.marksverylarge.com/issues/7110.html

- The magazine comprised Cartoons from other Satire Issues, like Nebelspalter, Harakiri, Pilote, Eulenspiegel, Szpilki and Punch
- The second picture shows an Alfred E. Neuman parody, which is also part of this issue


Barbara Hufnagel ... Cover Artist
Ulrich Maurach ... Editor


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