The Andreas Dahl Collection


Because of my father I started to love comic books very early… especially MAD Magazin.

At first I was just interested in the MAD paintings… of course. For a young kid it was too much and boring to read all the introducing text. But then there was a time i started to read the text. And I could not believe that the text was funny as the paintings. I loved the ironic humor, the sarcasm and the social critical statements. I guess MAD has got a big influence to what am I. One thing… it teached me, that we don’t have to take ourself too serious.

Time after time my collection was getting bigger and bigger…

I was 20 years old when I started to write my first contributions for the German MAD. I wrote some “Bauernregeln” and some stuff for the “MAD Almanach”. At this time Herbert Feuerstein was still the editor of the German MAD. And yes… some stuff has been printed. I was very proud. Then I tried to write more for the magazine. Unfortunately Herbert Feuerstein left the German MAD. However, the publisher Klaus Recht called me one evening and told me that he want to try to print my contributions. Unfortunately it has never happened. The magazine has changed the owner and continued 3 years later with its second edition. I have never heard again from MAD Magazine. German MAD was not the same to me at this moment.

However, I still have one last Document (1993)… a letter from Klaus Recht. It is about my contribution and that he wants to find a way to bring my stuff into the mag. Unfortunately all other letters has been lost… it is so sad.

Here are some images …


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