German MAD 50th Anniversary Exhibition Pictures


50 Jahre Deutsches MAD (50th anniversary of the German MAD) was an exhibition at the Valentin-Karlstadt museum in Munich, Germany. It celebrated the awesome history of the German and of course the US MAD magazine. The exhibition started May 12 and run through July 11, 2017. Guests: Peter Kuper, Ivica Astalos, Dieter Stein, Martin Frei, Tom Bunk, Dieter Stein and Denis Kitchen.

The PENG! award was given to the long-time editor of the first German MAD edition Herbert Feuerstein for his life time achievement.

Exhibition highlights included artwork by Peter Kuper, Rolf Trautmann (Germany); interior pages from MAD Magazine by Tom Bunk, Jack Davis, Will Elder, Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Paul Peter Porges, Dieter Stein (Germany), Martin Frei (Germany), Bob Clarke, George Woodbridge, Harry North, Jack Rickard, Sergio Aragones, Tom Richmond, Angelo Torres and Ivica Astalos.

– Heiner Lünstedt (Images)
– Michael Elias (Image Captions)




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