HogWild’s Internship @ MAD

One Fine Summer: How I Avoided Sunshine by becoming a MAD Intern by Comedian HogWild Instead of enjoying outdoors and warm weather like most University students on summer break, I decided to sit indoors under incandescent...

READ goes MAD – Interview with Al Feldstein 1966

MADtrash.com proudly presents the Al Feldstein Interview from April, 1966!! The READ Magazine granted us the one-time, non exclusive permission to print this amazing piece of history on MADtrash.com!! Have fun!!! READ goes MAD By EDWIN...

We buy MAD

We Buy MAD Magazines and Alfred E. Neuman Collectibles. MADtrash.com purchases international MAD collectibles of all kinds. We will make offers or buy your pieces or maybe collections.

MAD Star Wars Covers

Welcome to the MAD TRASH Star Wars Pages! A collection of Star Wars Mad Magazine covers Author: Simon Wilson    Here you ‘ll find every Star Wars related cover from every MAD magazine, special or book...

The Otacílio d‘Assunção Interview

Otacílio d ‘Assunção was the editor of the Brazilian MAD Magazine for 34 years, since it started in 1974. The Brazilian MAD was published by 4 different publishers and he was there, in most...

My MAD office visit

The aim of every true MAD fan A visit at the MAD office in New York Here are some cool pictures of my visit guided by MAD's maddest writer Dick DeBartolo. by Bernd Engel, New York, 2011 In...
Original Artwork used for US MAD Magazine #419 (Version A)

The MAD magazine cover artworks list

Owners of original MAD magazine cover artworks MADtrash has started the first known, comprehensive list of cover artwork owners for U.S., German and other MAD issues. If you have original (one-of-a-kind) art for any of...

Exclusive Images: Don Martin Art Exhibition

Don Martin (1931-2000) MAD Magazine Cartoons Opening Night - Friday, 5 September 2008, 6-9pm Galerie Berinson, Berlin, Germany Don Martins' most important works have been made available by courtesy of the Berinson Gallery, exclusively for MADtrash.com.   Click for...

International MAD Subscription Links

Some important links for subscribing to international MAD Magazine editions:   USA 3 Years (18 issues): $44.99 USA, US$74.99 Canada, US$80.99 International 2 Years (12 issues): $29.99 USA, US$49.99 Canada, US$53.99 International 1 Year (6 issues): $19.99 USA, US$29.99...

BILLY RILEY and BILL BUTTS cigar label advertising

BILLY RILEY and BILL BUTTS cigar label advertising by Dr. Gary L. Kritzberg Two unusual and rare Pre-Mad advertising examples are the BILLY RILEY and BILL BUTTS (tobacco) cigar labels. Cigar labels came into being in...

Roger Moore and the MAD Magazine slot machine

In the 1971 action / adventure series “The Pursuaders!" two equally-matched men from different backgrounds, team together to solve cases which the courts cannot. The main characters are represented by Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. The UK series lasted 24 episodes and number 18 is very interesting for MAD collectors and fans. In one scene there is an original MAD Magazine slotmachine from SEGA visible. This collectible is pretty hard to find these days.

MAD Magazine Cover Variations

Welcome to the MAD Magazine Cover Variations page! We have developed a new way to view the most complete database of MAD magazine covers from around the world. You can now easily view cover “splits"...

Learning to be Jewish from MAD Magazine

It was a thrill to learn recently that one of my favorite Mad magazine artists, the legendary Al Jaffee, would give his personal papers to Columbia University. Among those treasures are a massive cache of Jaffee ‘s much-loved Mad fold-in cartoons and notebooks of ideas Jaffee never even submitted for publication.

Alfred E. Neuman in German comedy show

A rare Alfred E. Neuman discovery was made in the German TV. He was sighted in the German comedy show "ZDF Heute Show" from 2011. Fast-forward to the 10th minute and watch...

Alfred E.Neuman on a very old picture!

The Alfred image in this picture belongs to the Antikamnia 1908 Calendar.   Vintage dentist photo found in Wisconsin a while back. There are a lot of things to like about this one- the spittoon with stand,...

Alfred E. Neuman Cameo in “Drawn Together”

Attention!! Attention!! Another Alfred E. Neuman Cameo was found in the cartoon series “Drawn Together". He is not really easy to spot, but we've found him in the episode “Toot goes Bollywood", season 3....

“To tell the truth” with MAD founder William M. Gaines

Here's the chance to see the founder of the MAD Magazine William M. Gaines in one of the most famous TV shows. The show challenged a panel of four celebrities to correctly identify a described...

The original “Me-Worry” by Gary L. Kritzberg

Today we start a new department on MADtrash.com, where MAD collectors can show their most precious items! The first contribution comes from Gary L.Kritzberg and he is showing us a very old MAD collectible! THE...
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy reading MAD

Shatner and Nimoy look at Mad Magazine

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on location in full costume before or between scenes look at Mad Magazine issue #115 from December 1967. This issue contained the parody of TOS Star Trek entitled "Star Blecch."...

Alfred E Neuman Graffiti, Desert Beach, Salton Sea

Thanks to Guy Foster