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This category contains MAD magazine collectibles of the following TV and theater shows:

Up the Academy is a Hollywood teen comedy movie released in 1980. The film should actually have a strong connection to MAD Magazine. The finished film was so bad that Bill Gaines had to cut out all MAD related scenes and make any MAD connection unrecognizable. Nevertheless, there are interesting MAD related collectibles.

The Mad Show is an Off-Broadway musical revue based on Mad Magazine. A lot of cool MAD related memorabilia is known to exist.

MAD TV is the most successful TV programme that gave MAD Magazine its name. The contents of the show were funny sketches. In the first seasons short Spy vs Spy and Don Martin animations were shown in between. The use of the MAD logo and the Alfred face resulted in many cool collectibles.

The MAD Cartoon Network series contains cartoon parodies of different TV shows, movies, games, celebrities and media, which are inspired by MAD magazine artists like Sergio Aragones, Don Martin and Antonio Prohias (Spy vs. Spy).

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