DVD: William Gaines and Denis Kitchen Interviews

DVD: William Gaines and Denis Kitchen Interviews • USA

This DVD contains some rare interviews with William Gaines and Denis Kitchen. We didn't see this DVD before and it could be a bootleg, which never was sold officially.

Text on the back cover:

Comic Books are under attack. Larry King interviews Denis Kitchen the founder of independent comic book publisher Kitchen Sink Press about the violence in comic books. 

ln 1947, William Gaines took over the family business, EC Comics. The EC initials stood for both Educational Comics and Entertaining Comics, and the company was at that point best known for its adaptations of Bible stories. Blll Gaines found his niche in publishing horror, science
fiction and fantasy comics, as well as realistic war comics and two satirical titles, Mad and Panic.
His books, including Tales fro the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, Shock Suspense Stories, Weird Science and Two-Fisted Tales featured stories with content above the level of the typical. Here is a rare interview with the man behind Mad Magazine.

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