Up The Academy Promotional Banner / Flag Set

MAD Merchandise from USA

Up The Academy Promotional Banner / Flag Set • USA

Series: Up the Academy Items

Company: Warner

Publishing Date: 1980

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Here's a cool piece of memorabilia from the box office flop, Up The Academy. Produced in 1980 by Warner Brothers, this item is a string of coated paper flags, featuring characters from the MAD Magazine-inspired film. This string of flags is at least sixteen (16) feet long, as there is several feet of string that is rolled up on one end. I didn't want to undo it. There are six (6) different flags attached to the string, and there are three (3) with Alfred E. Neuman as the Soldier, one of actress Barbara Bach, one with a listing of the different artists on the movie soundtrack, and one of a dog. Each flag measures approx. 12" wide by 16" long. This is one of the rarest pieces of memorabilia from the movie!


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