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Miscellaneous MAD Books • USA • 1st Edition - New York
Groo • USA
Star Wars Tales • USA
Dark Horse Presents... • USA
Creepy Comics • USA
Groo - Friends and Foes • USA
Adventures Into The Unknown Archives • USA
Forbidden Worlds Archives • USA
Boogeyman • USA
Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead • USA
Sergio Aragones stomps Star Wars • USA
Reset • USA
Playboy's Little Annie Fanny • USA
Apocalypse Nerd • USA
Miscellaneous MAD Related Stuff • USA
Basil Woverton in Space • USA
Creepy Archives • USA
Groo vs Conan • USA
Groo the Wanderer • USA
The Goon • USA
Groo the Wanderer (Dark Horse) • USA
Trump • USA
Harvey Kurtzman's The New Two Fisted Tales • USA
The EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt • USA
The EC Archives • USA