Little Annie Fanny #1

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Little Annie Fanny #1 • USA

Series: Playboy's Little Annie Fanny

Company: Dark Horse

Publishing Date: January 2001

Cover: Volume 1 1962-1970

Cover Artist: Bill Elder

Original price: $24.95

Pages: 224

ISBN-10: 156971519X

ISBN-13: 978-1569715192

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- MAD Co-Illustrators: Paul Coker,jr, Jack Davis, Frank Frazetta, Russ Heath, Al Jaffee

- Contains an unfinished story drawn by Will Elder and Jack Davis, about the Beatles in India


Bill Elder ... Cover Artist, Illustrator
Harvey Kurtzman ... Author
Larry Siegel ... Author
Hugh Hefner ... Author
Scott Allie ... Editor
Adam Gallardo ... Editor


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