Creepy Comics Vol. 1 TP #1

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Creepy Comics Vol. 1 TP #1 • USA

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Related Stuff

Company: Dark Horse

Publishing Date: 5th July 2011

Cover: Portrait of Uncle Creepy & Cousin Eerie's families

Cover Artist: Eric Powell

Original price: $19.99

Pages: 184

Inserts: This book also reprints the two CREEPY stories that were originally showcased on social media site MySpace under the "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" profile.

ISBN-10: 1595827501

ISBN-13: 978-1595827500

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A Trade Paperback/Graphic novel/Collected Edition of issues 1-4 of the Dark Horse Comics/New Comic Company CREEPY comic book series.


Angelo Torres ... Illustrator
Eric Powell ... Cover Artist


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