Don Martin's Droll Book

USA • 1st Edition - New York

Don Martin's Droll Book  • USA • 1st Edition - New York

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Books

Company: Dark Horse

Publishing Date: 1st November 1992

Original price: $9.95

Pages: 128

Printing: Trade paperback

ISBN-10: 187857437X

ISBN-13: 978-1878574374

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- Introduction by John Callahan ("Callahan's Island" Cartoon series)

- Cartoons and Gags by Don Martin and his Studio, the newest for Cracked Magazine, like in Part 1: Short Takes:

- One Fine Day On The Great American Plains (Cracked #262,May 1991)

- Don Martin's Robin Hood (Cracked #266, Oct.1991)

- Crime-Thwarters Handbook (Cracked #260, Jan.1991)

- One Fine Day In The Outback (Cracked #255, Aug.1990)

- One Fine Day In Your Typical Cave Dwelling (Cracked #249,Nov.1989)

- The most Don Martin stuff from Part 3 "More Nonsense" are from old MAD Don Martin Paperbacks:

"Swan Lake" from Don Martin Bounces Back! 1963

"The Letter" from Don Martin drops 13 Stories! 1965

"The Great Hotel Fire" from Drops 13 Stories, 1965

"Captain Klutz meets Gorgonzola" from The MAD Adventures of Captain Klutz, 1967

"The Ballad of Arthur Freen" from Don Martin Carries On, 1973

"On Saturday morning about 10:30" from Don Martin Carries On, 1973

"Cockroaches-An Informative Picture Study" from Don Martin Carries On, 1973

"Star Sprangled Bananas" from Don Martin Carries On, 1973

"Planning the Camping Trip" from Don Martin steps further out, 1975

"One Hot day in the Desert" from Don Martin Forges Ahead, 1977

"Pages from my Notebooks" from Don Martin Digs Deeper, 1979

- Part 2 shows some "The Nutheads" Daily Strips by Don Martin and his Studio. The strip from Universal Press Syndicate ran from 1989 to 1993!

- "Dedicated to my wife and partner, Norma. Without her love, support, and creativity - my bankbook, creative output, and artistic soul would still be chained to MAD magazine."

Existing Versions

Trade paperback ... 1st November 1992
Limited Edition Hardcover ... 1st November 1992


Don Martin ... Author, Illustrator


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