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Don't miss the latest MAD book by Jacob Lambert and Tom Richmond!
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Lot #002: 4x Jake & The Stiffs 45 RPM Record Alfred E. Neuman On Sleeve & Label

Make your bid in the MAD Magazine and Alfred E. Neuman Collectors Club!
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Just received: 2 MAD Big Books from Denmark!!

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New addition to my MAD collection!
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Fan art work by a real Don Martin & MAD fan from Norway when he was young!
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Rest in Peace Burt Reynolds!!
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Found in in one of my MAD shirt boxes: The super rare 1991 MAD Cruise Shirt!
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Rare UK Version of 'MAD for Keeps'!!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 at 7:09am

Anyone here knows if MAD mocked "Sister Act"? If yes, it was in what edition?