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PahkaMAD - Finnish MAD Subscription Premium • Finland
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This small magazine was a one-off gift to MAD-subscribers and it flirted with another humour magazine Pahkasika (warthog, 1975-2000), who had their offices in Tampere, too. A Finnish MAD artist did some illustrations and small satires for his good friends in Pahkasika and even had a short time job there 1990-1991 editing the Finnish version of Don Martin -magazine.
Pahkasika started as a DIY-fanzine and reached an impressive circulation (over 35 000) during the 80's. They had different joint ventures also with the leading punk-fanzine Hilse (dandruff) and music magazines Uusi Laulu (new song) and rock magazine Soundi. The founders, editors and most of writers and artists of Pahkasika are disciples of MAD, Monty Python and certain Finnish satirists.
The most legendary Suomen MAD editor 'The M' (Timo Metsänen) was the brains behind this, but it is a nice proof of the fellow spirit between these publications and the social circles in the Finnish comics scene.
One one of the image are the four Pahkasika-issues published in the same year as PahkaMAD.
The tilted letters of the title logo are taken from the biggest comic book phenomenon ever in Finland: AKU ANKKA (Donald Duck).

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