Mike Loew

Assistant Art Director

Mike Loew

Country: USA

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Mike Loew

MAD Magazine #534 August 2015

Assistant Art Director

MAD Magazine #548 December 2017

Department: The Trumpalini Pages
Story: A Movie We'd Like to See - There's Something about Russia
Story: Babies Rn't Us Registry
Colorist, Artist with Jeff Kruse

MAD Magazine #549 February 2018

Department: The Mad 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2017
Story: 6 Trump on Twitter Antisocial Media
Story: Clodco Wholesale
Artist with Jeff Kruse

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MAD Magazine #10 December 2019

Department: Malice in Wonderland
Story: Tim Burton's CGI Horrors from the Dizzy Vault
Artist with Grant Reed

MAD Magazine #11 February 2020

Story: 13. Kylie Jenner's "Self-Made" Status - "Maybe She's Born With It. Oh Wait. She Definitely Was."
Artist with Lila Ash

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MAD Magazine #67 February 2014

Department: Seção Comida É Pasto
Story: Ofertas Não Anunciadas dos Cardápios Secretos dos Restaurantes Fast Food
Artist with Dan Davner (dreamstime.com), Scott Maiko

MAD Magazine #73 September 2014

Department: Salada Mista
Story: Opções de Carreira para a Miley Cyrus
Artist with Mike Morse

MAD Magazine #78 January 2015

Department: Seção Na Lama
Story: Banco Não-Hidroviário - O Jogo da Falência de uma Cidade Sem Água
Artist with Stan Sinberg

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