MAD Paperbacks



In 1955 William Gaines started reprint material from the MAD magazines in black / white paperbacks. The first ever published MAD paperback was 'The MAD Reader', cover art by Norman Mingo.

Some of the US paperbacks have also Canadian or United Kingdom printings:

  • The MAD Reader: 11th Canadian, 14th Canadian, 17th Canadian
  • The Bedside MAD: Signet 1st Canadian, 2nd Canadian, 18th UK, 22nd Canadian
  • The Organization MAD: Signet 1st Canadian, 10th UK
  • Like, MAD: Signet 11th UK
  • MAD Ides: Signet 1st Canadian, 6th UK
  • Fighting MAD: Signet 1st Canadian, 2nd Canadian, 7th UK
  • The MAD Frontier: Signet 2nd Canadian, 6th UK
  • MAD in Orbit: Sig 1st Canadian, 5th UK
  • The Voodoo MAD: Signet 3rd UK
  • The Greasy MAD: Signet 3rd UK
  • Three Ring MAD: Signet 1st Canadian, 3rd UK
  • The MAD Sampler: Signet 1st UK
  • A MAD World, World, World World: Signet 1st UK
  • Raving MAD: Signet 1st UK
  • Boiling MAD: Signet 1st UK
  • The Questionable MAD: Signet 1st UK
  • Polyunsaturated MAD: 1st Canadian
  • Hooked on MAD: 1st UK
  • MAD for Kicks: 3rd UK


  • Sergio Aragones's MAD Marginals!:  UK 2nd printing
  • Dave Berg Looks, Listens, & Laughs: Purple Lettering UK 2nd printing
  • A MAD Guide to Leisure Time: UK
  • MAD Around the World: Blue/White Lettering UK 2nd printing 
  • Get Stuffed with MAD: UK 2nd printing
  • MAD's Bizarre Bazaar: UK 3rd printing
  • MAD's Don Martin Grinds Ahead: UK
  • The MAD Worry Book: Red Cover with Bluish Green/White Lettering UK 3rd printing
  • MAD Clobbers the Classics: UK
  • MAD as a Hatter: UK
  • The Sound of MAD: UK
  • A MAD Guide to Self-Improvement: UK
  • A MAD Guide to Fraud and Deception: UK
  • The MAD Book of Revenge: UK

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