Bill Levine

Bill Levine

Country: USA

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Popular Contributions

Contributions by Bill Levine

MAD Magazine #41 September 1958

Department: Bob & Ray Dept.
Story: The Count-Down Man
Writer with Mort Drucker, Ray Goulding, Bob Elliott, Dee Caruso

MAD Magazine #42 November 1958

Department: Rush Right Out Dept.
Story: What If You Did What They Told You On TV?
Writer with Bob Clarke, Dee Caruso

MAD Magazine #44 January 1959

Department: Crash Program Dept.
Story: The National Safety Council's Holiday-Weekend Telethon
Writer with Mort Drucker, Dee Caruso
Department: A Switch In Crime Dept.
Story: The Night That Perry Masonmint Lost A Case
Writer with Dee Caruso, Mort Drucker

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