MAD Magazine #14

Great Britain

Note: While use of the term "local" might be debatable, British MAD has made humorous use of this "April Showers" umbrella gag to aim an ironic jibe at Britain's notoriously erratic summer weather.

Pages 3 - 5 (3) LET’S FLAKE IT DEPARTMENT: Specialis[/z]ed Breakfast Foods (from MAD #63) -
Department text changed from THE BOWL GAME (American Football reference). Greenwich Village becomes Chelsea as the district “Where The [Beatnik] Parties Are”. Similarly, Las Vegas becomes Monte Carlo (although both were something of a remote dream to the ordinary Brit in 1961). Reno, Nevada becomes London's Soho: the former allegedly the one-time “gambling capital of the world”, the latter known for even less salubrious goings-on. ‘NIKITA KRUSCHEV, seeing a friend off on the Trans-Siberian Railway’ (alluding to one of Nikita’s notorious “purges”) is, surprisingly, a UK insert.

Pages 7 - 10 (4) CUT-PLUG DEPARTMENT The Minute After That One-Minute TV Commercial 
(from MAD #63) - Department text changed from the baseball-oriented SWINGING AFTER THE PITCH. Cut Plug is a type of tobacco.