MAD Magazine #15

Great Britain

Inside front cover: “Reach… FOR 2 BUCKS…” in the subscription ad becomes “... FOR SIXTEEN BOB” in the UK version: this was a common, if somewhat homely, nickname for the old British shilling. Note that that there is still no saving on an annual subscription: 8 issues @ 2/- per issue.

Note: British eds suddenly drop back to 1957, again, for pages 17-20.

Pgs 17, 18: THE 16 MILLS. GRIND SLOW DEPARTMENT: Home Movies (from MAD #36) - unclear why the Department text has been changed (from LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION?). While 16 mm was once the standard film size for professional production, “The mills grind slow” is, in fact, a misquote (from both Friedrich von Logau and George Herbert].

Pgs 29 – 32 (4) THE LAST RESORT DEPARTMENT (The Typical Summer Resort Ad / The Typical Summer Resort, from MAD #64) Department text changed from the US ‘Trail of the Loathsome Pines’, a spoof on Laurel and Hardy’s ‘Lonesome Pine’ which was later a no. 1 hit single in 1970s Britain.


Cover Variations