Charlie Richards

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Contributions by Charlie Richards

USA • MAD Magazine (New York)
  • Back Cover: Famous Artists' Paintings of Comic Book Characters (Writer with Greg Theakston)
  • Potential Off-Season Jobs for Dick Vitale (Writer with R.J. Matson)
  • 11 Ways Jeopardy! Contestants Can Really Piss Off Alex Trebek (Writer with David O'Keefe)
  • Scenes from the 'Antiques Freakshow' (Writer with Bill Wray)
MAD Magazine #388December 1999
  • Absentee Excuse Notes Through History (Writer with Mort Drucker)
  • Novelizations of TV Shows as Written by Famous Authors (Writer with Jon Weiman)
Brasil • MAD Especial (Mythos) (Mythos)
  • Desculpas Históricas que Ninguém Viu (Writer with Mort Drucker)
  • Bilhetes de Ausência pela Escola (Writer with Mort Drucker)