US MAD Magazine #60


Additional Information

- First contributions by Antonio Prohias and Paul Coker, Jr.

Contributor's List

Albert B. Feldstein ... Editor
Bob Clarke ... Cover Artist

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Content list

Ad parody: ‘Furd Foulcar’ [‘Ford Falcon’]Artist: Bob Clarke
Random samplings of reader mail
Dept: Letters
Movie satire: ‘The Producer and I’ [‘The King and I’]
Dept: Getting to Snow You
Spy Vs. Spy
Dept: Joke and Dagger Part 1
Writer, Artist: Antonio Prohias
Tee Vee U.
Dept: Magna Cum Louder
Artist: Bob Clarke
Writer: Sy Reit
Spy Vs. Spy
Dept: Joke and Dagger Part 2
Writer, Artist: Antonio Prohias
The European Tourist’s Guide to the United States
Dept: Ist das Nicht der USA?
Writer: Frank Jacobs
Artist: Joe Orlando
A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes
Dept: Inside-Ouch
Artist: Paul Coker Jr.
Writer: Phil Hahn
Spy Vs. Spy
Dept: Joke and Dagger Part 3
Writer, Artist: Antonio Prohias
Random samplings of reader mail
Dept: Letters
TV satire: ‘Naked Town’ [‘Naked City’]
Dept: Throwing the Bulls
Artist: Mort Drucker
Writer: Larry Siegel
20 Years in the Shipping Department
Dept: Don Martin
Writer, Artist: Don Martin
Educational Toys
Dept: Bored of Education
Writer: Al Jaffee
Artist: Bob Clarke
'Warm-Ups' to Everything
Dept: Claptrap
Artist: George Woodbridge
Writer: Gary Belkin
Dept: Berg’s-Eye View
Writer, Artist: Dave Berg
Typical College Songs and Cheers for Blindy Loyal, Ridiculously Optimistic Victory-Crazed Student Sadists
Dept: Rah! Rah! Black Sheep
Artist: George Woodbridge
Writer: Larry Siegel
The MAD Shakespeare Primer
Dept: No Holds Bard
Artist: Wallace Allen Wood
Writer: Phil Hahn
Appropriate Casting for Old Movies
Dept: Marginal Thinking


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