Mundoloco • USA
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Mundoloco ("Madworld", not to be confused with the Argentinian Mundo Loco) is a bit different than the titles we've covered so far.
Mundoloco was published by Major Magazines (the publisher of Cracked) in the US, but primarily shipped to various South American countries. You won't be able to make it out on this cover (this is the best I could find, I promise you), but on other issues you can see the list of countries on the lower left: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Estados Unidos (United States), Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Rep. Dominicana, Venezuela.
The series ran for at least 63 issues.
Given the fact that this magazine was distributed to the United States, it is incredibly hard to come across issues for resale. I have only ever found them on the various Mercado Libre sites, though I check eBay regularly.

Involved MAD Artists

John Severin