College Laughs 1963 #33

College Laughs 1963 #33 • USA
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December 1963
Bigger Than Ever
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College Laughs No. 33, December, 1963
Cover by Don Orehek
Yes, you read that right. It's not a typo. There are two issues numbered 33 from College Laughs. No telling why this happened, but they didn't skip a number or anything. There's just two of them.
At this point, Don Orehek has settled in as the regular cover artist and he will provide the majority of covers from this point onward.
Other Cracked-related artists on hand include Vic Martin, John Severin (actually using his real name or "Sev" on a couple of occasions) and, of course, Bill Ward.
Other artists include Frank Mort, Pete Wyma, Bill Riley, Jack Tyrrell, Jack Holland, S. Harris, Hagglund, Atkins and Robert Arents.
You may have noticed a reduction in the number of artists. It is also the case that most of those later names only had one or two cartoons printed, as the magazine began to focus more heavily on the artists simultaneously working on Cracked.