Giant Cracked #44

Giant Cracked #44 • USA
July 1986
TV Scream
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Cover is new by Bob Fingerman. There are 7 pages of new material. The rest of the contents are reprints.

Comment by Tom Smith:

A brilliant special edition! This is not like the earlier Cracked TV Collector's Editions, as this one is arranged in a more logical and interesting order. The TV satires are printed chronologically starting from Cracked's very first TV parody (Gunsmoke) and going on through to the more recent parodies (like the Cosby Show). Because this is a Mort Todd special, an emphasis is placed on some early and fascinating TV parodies from the '50's and '60's, but there is a good sampling from each decade, especially from the '70's.

If you want a Cracked "Best of TV satires" edition, this is the one to get. Any others were thrown together more haphazardly, but real care and history was put into this one. I believe that there are also some text pages in the volume by Mort, which provide some behind-the-scenes info regarding the parodies. Mort was the only editor who cared enough to do something like that, putting in the extra effort. Historian as well as editor!

As usual, Mort's picks show his impeccable taste in humor and artistry as well. These TV satires feature great artwork, as well as a good variety of different shows.