Giant Cracked #43

Giant Cracked #43 • USA
March 1986
Sci-Fi Special
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Cover is a reprint from Cracked #127 and 148. Game is from Giant Cracked #34. Poster is from Cracked #68. Cards are new, but reprints artwork by Basil Wolverton from Cracked #10. The E.T. parody from Giant Cracked #34 is reprinted here. There are 13 pages of new material. The rest of the contents are reprints.

Comment by Tom Smith:

The first Mort Todd Giant Cracked is a great one indeed. Now, those of you who have read my posts have noticed I'm not usually into sci-fi; however, I love this special. It's sci-fi parody done the way I like it. Top quality reprinted classic artwork on the cover, an E.T. parody that was somewhat rare at the time since it didn't originally appear in the regular magazine (was this the first time it was reprinted?), a really fantastic Basil Wolverton set of trading cards with new funny descriptions written by Mort Todd, and if I remember correctly, the second chapter of the Uggly Family, which was brand new!

In addition, the reprints culled articles from the entire history of Cracked magazine up to this point, so you get cool sci-fi themed satire from different decades. In my opinion, there is better variety here then you get in some later sci-fi specials which concentrate more on recent material on which the artwork is not always up to par, and often seem to include an overabundance of Star Wars and Star Trek material (the first Star Wars movie parody is reprinted in this edition, I believe, but the Star Wars features are not overdone).

When Mort Todd put together a special edition, he knew what he was doing! This one comes highly recommended!


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