1982 Calendar MAD Magazine

1982 Calendar MAD Magazine • Australia
© DJ Saint

This is the 1982 MAD Magazine wall calendar. Published in 1981 by E.C. Publications and distributed by Horwitz Grahame Books Pty. Ltd., this item features artwork from all of the popular MAD Magazine artists, like Sergio Aragones, Jack Davis, Don Martin, George Woodbridge, Bob Clarke, Al Jaffee, Dave Berg, Antonio Prohias, Angelo Torres, Paul Peter Porges, Paul Coker, Mort Drucker, Don Edwing, Jack Rickard, and Harry North, and humorous writing from the likes of Dick DeBartolo, Stan Hart, Tom Koch, Frank Jacobs, Lou Silverstone, Larry Siegel, and Arnie Kogen. This item was sold only in Australia, although it was produced to be sold in the USA. However, since the sales of the 1981 MAD Calendar were rather soft, it was decided to sell these calendars "Down Under", rather than take another hit on a dud. These calendars are laid out exactly the same as the 1981 MAD Calendar, except the content is different.