Alfred E. Neuman hollow-cast polyurethane bust

Alfred E. Neuman hollow-cast polyurethane bust • Australia
November 1st, 2009
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The story behind it? Well, my name is Edwin, I live in Sydney
(Australia) and I've only been sculpting for a few months as a hobby.
This is actually my second completed project - the first was a figurine of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch (quite a philosophical contrast to Alfred!). I quite like the idea of turning iconic 2-dimensional characters into sculptures, and I was a keen MAD reader when I was younger, so Alfred seemed like an ideal subject. The sculpting took 3 days using nearly 4 kilograms of plasticine. Then I made a silicone rubber mold, and then a hollow cast with polyurethane resin. Up until this point I had no idea whether it would actually work or not. When I got the first coat of paint on, I very nearly trashed the whole thing - it looked absolutely ridiculous! Nothing like the Alfred I knew and loved. But remembering his wise words, "What... me worry?", I persevered. And after just a few more layers to bring out the contrasting skin tones, the real Alfred magically appeared!

Edwin Garth

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