MAD Magazine 1989 #8

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Please excuse the extra thumbs, as I was trying to eliminate a glare from the photo lights. Alfred is enjoying a break as a blue collar worker and is about to get trampled on by a procession in this pic by Anders Svernsjö. The irony here is that the marchers appears to be socialists, communists and representatives of various workers unions walking for the rights of workers.
These processions is pretty much a must during the celebrations on the holiday of May 1st in large parts of Europe. The holiday has a Socialistic background and has the purpose of giving the blue collar worker at least one day off in a year that is otherwise dominated by toiling for the bourgeoise upper class. At a time when simple workers had little say against business owners, the socialists fought for more equality. This was the time when unions for the benefit of the working man started to appear and the May 1st holiday is in remembrance of this fight.